Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport

By: Alissa Laderer Castleton | Pulished on 2023-12-25


If you think you have a hard time walking through a crowded airport, just imagine how hard it is for the less anonymous among us. Celebrities have to deal with selfie-requests, gasping fans, and paparazzi.


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise

Getty Images Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage & Elle/fashion


In this day and age, there is really no way to avoid flying if you are going to be traveling often. Even Beyonce and Taylor Swift have to fly. You probably won’t see them standing in line to board the plane, however, since they have special VIP waiting areas for the rich and famous!


Sometimes all of those bright airport lights and loud noise can keep you up and prevent you from getting some serious rest.


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise



This family has got the right idea. They brought along their own blankets and other items to cover their heads and sleep peacefully. They probably purchased these incredibly colorful shawls from some lucky beach vendor. Next time, we will definitely try this trick. Thank you!

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