10 Best Backpacking Tents of 2024

By: JEREMY SCOTT FOSTER | Pulished on 2024-01-31

9. Zpacks Plexamid and Duplex: Best Ultralight Backpacking Tent

10 Best Backpacking Tents of 2024-Trip Advise

If weight and durability are something you value, this is the right tent for you. I’m talking to you hardcore PCT and ATers.


Your hikes are already intense enough as it is. That’s why you need to shave every single ounce you can, and you’re willing to pay for this luxury.

If that sounds like you, check out the Zpacks Plexamid (one-person) and Duplex Flex (two-person). Zpacks is the best ultralight tent brand on this list, and these two models are easily the best options in terms of weight.


These are ridiculously lightweight tents. I’m talking so light that you won’t believe it. They take up minimal space at just 14.8 ounces, and one pound, 3.2 ounces for the one-person and two-person respectively. This tent’s portability is something that separates it from the rest.


These tents are constructed out of Dyneema, a material that’s renowned for its strength to weight ratio and commonly used in boat sails. Zpack’s decision to use Dyneema in their tent design makes this tent incredibly weather resistant and as durable as they come.


You’d think a tent on a diet would be cramped. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. These tents are surprisingly roomy given their low weights. I’m not talking get up and walk around in them big, but these tents also won’t make you feel like you’re sleeping in a coffin.

Still, these tents aren’t perfect.


It’s time I address the elephant in the room, and by that, I mean the price. This tent is extremely pricey. Coming in at over $549 for the Plexamid, and $725 for the Duplex Flex, you need to be a diehard backpacker before you consider these prices.


The Zpacks ultralight tent also takes a little bit more work to set up than most standard tents. This may not be the best option if you want a tent you can pitch and sleep in quickly.


The base designs of the one-person and two-person tents come without poles. Instead, you use your trekking poles. I recommend you practice setting this tent up before using it. Unless, of course, your idea of fun is trying to pitch a tent in the pouring rain.


Note: If you don’t want to use trekking poles, there is an option to buy tent poles, which means upgrading your order to the Duplex flex, or adding tent poles to your Plexamid order.

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