How to Hail A Taxi Around the World

By: Melissa Locker | Pulished on 2023-12-15

Rome, Italy

How to Hail A Taxi Around the World-Trip Advise
To get a taxi in Rome, have your hotel call for a cab, use an app like Uber, or find one of the city’s ubiquitous taxi stands, identified by a large orange sign that reads "Taxi." Be sure to only take authorized cabs with a meter and the Eternal City’s coat of arms marked with the letters "SPQR." From personal experience, be aware that even veteran taxi riders can fall prey to Rome’s trickster cabbies who take circuitous routes to jack up the fare (grrrrr!) and feel free to argue if you think you’re being ripped off. This story on how to avoid getting ripped off in a Roman taxi has some great tips, including threatening to call (or actually calling) the carabinieri. Alternatively, T+L’s insider’s guide to Rome suggests seeing the city by foot or taking the metro.

Budapest, Hungary

How to Hail A Taxi Around the World-Trip Advise
After a day of sight-seeing on foot, you may want to grab a cab to ferry you across the Danube that separates the twin cities of Buda and Pest. According to the city’s website, cabs are marked with the word "Taxi" and have a yellow registration plate (as opposed to the white plates for civilians). The site also notes that having your hotel call a cab for you is cheaper than hailing one on the street.

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