51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now

By: Larysa Perih and Violeta Lyskoit | Pulished on 2024-01-09

#14 Australia

51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now-Trip Advise

The "Land Down Under" is home to stunning beaches, snow-capped mountains, world-class national parks, rainforests, and deserts. Australia is perfect for exploring because each state has a unique landscape. Travel to Australia is often reasonably safe. There are a few natural risks to be aware of, but other than that, you shouldn't be concerned about your safety.

#15 South Korea

51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now-Trip Advise

Given the worldwide popularity of this country's pop culture, many tourists are now drawn to South Korea. There have been earthquakes in South Korea in the past, but most of them did not inflict significant damage. Typhoons and tsunamis, which might happen in the months of August and September, are another issue regarding natural catastrophes that you should be aware of. Yet generally, traveling there is safe, and you shouldn't experience any problems.

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