15 Best Secret Beaches in Europe You Need to Discover

By: Julia Buckley | Pulished on 2023-12-04

14. Rauðasandur, Látrabjarg, Iceland

15 Best Secret Beaches in Europe You Need to Discover-Trip AdvisePHOTO:GARETH CODD/GETTY IMAGES


This swirl of red and blue will seem like a myth but I promise it’s a real spot hidden in Iceland’s West Fjords. This wild card trades Mediterranean blues for a fiery red. Rauðasandur — or, "Red Beach”— is known for its titular hue which stands out among the country’s volcanic black sands, but this marvel is also known to change color with the right conditions. On sunny days, the sand may appear more golden — when it rains it could be red or white or even that classic Icelandic black. As if that magic trick wasn’t enough, Rauðasandur has a permanent place in the Icelandic storytelling tradition as the site of one of the country’s most famous murder cases. Don't worry, though, the only red you're sure to see is the crushed shells in the sand not blood on the shore. In fact, you might not see anything on the shore aside from the local fauna. Most tourists stick to the southern coast but this less-tread coastline, on Breiðafjörður bay, is perfect for a quiet day away from the crowds where you can watch for seabirds, puffins, and harbor seals.

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