13 European Rivers And Waterways For Travel

By: LINDA GARRISON | Pulished on 2024-01-31

The Rhone River: France

13 European Rivers And Waterways For Travel-Trip Advise

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France also has river cruises in the southern part of the country. One of these is a Rhone River cruise in the Provence region between Lyon and Arles or Avignon.  The 500-mile Rhone River has 13 locks, and 12 of these are between Lyon and where the Rhone empties into the Mediterranean Sea.  The source of the Rhone River is the Rhone Glacier in Switzerland. 

Some Rhone River cruise tours begin with a few days at a hotel in Paris and then include a transfer to Lyon to begin their cruise. It's not a surprise that many of the highlights of one of these cruises include food or drink. Wine and cheeses abound, and a tour of the Valrhona chocolate factory in Tournon is an unforgettable experience for all chocolate lovers. History buffs will love Avignon and its importance to the Catholic Church, and they'll also love exploring the walled-city of Viviers and the Roman Pont du Gard near Avignon.


Most river cruise lines have combination tours that include Rhone River cruises along with one on the Saone, Seine, or Bordeaux region of France. Extensions to Paris, Nice, or other cities in Provence or the French Riviera are also easily done.

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