10 Best Backpacking Tents of 2024

By: JEREMY SCOTT FOSTER | Pulished on 2024-01-31

8. Nemo Hornet: Best Backpacking Tent for Rain

10 Best Backpacking Tents of 2024-Trip Advise

The ultralight Nemo Hornet is another one of the best backpacking tents on the market. Built in one-person and two-person configurations, it weighs one pound, 16 ounces, and two pounds, five ounces respectively. For how light they are, these tents are “sturdy little shelters.”


The Hornet offers full bug and weather protection while remaining one of the lightest freestanding tents (you don’t need to use trekking poles) you can buy on the market.

The two-person version even offers a two-door design, which is an excellent perk for such a lightweight tent. Both the one-person and two-person versions also include good air circulation that limits annoying condensation buildup on the inside of the fly.

Throw in the minimalist seam construction (known as tub-design), and internal pockets to store a little gear, and you have a well-rounded, lightweight backpacking tent.


The Hornet accomplishes these features by truly living up to its label as “a sturdy little shelter.” The company sacrificed size to lower this tent’s weight., This is something you’ll notice when you try and share the two-person with another adult.

If the occasional elbow in your space is the price you’re willing to pay to increase your range for a phenomenal hike, then the Hornet may be the tent for you.


If you’re a solo hiker that likes a little more breathing room, I’d recommend going for the two-person and enjoying that extra space.

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