The Top 14 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe

By: SUZIE DUNDAS | Pulished on 2023-12-04

Mallorca, Spain

The Top 14 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe-Trip Advise

Mallorca is the spot to give deep-water soloing (also called "psicobloc") a try. What's deep-water soloing? Imagine climbing without a rope on rock faces bordering the sea. Rather than being caught by a rope or landing on a crash pad, you'll fall into the sparkling blue sea (there's usually a support boat not too far away.)


Mallorca's location in the warm waters of the protected Mediterranean Sea makes it a prime spot for deep-water soloing. You'll need to be a fairly strong climber and swimmer to make much headway in the sport. Take classes or hire a guide through Rock and Ride Mallorca.

Vorarlberg, Austria

The Top 14 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe-Trip Advise

Vorarlberg is the second-smallest state in Austria, but it's packed full of geological diveristy. That means there's a variety of routes, crags, and walls within a short drive of nearly anywhere you decide to stay. There are special outdoor areas designated just for beginners and classes (in Rufikopf); a massive climbing, bouldering, and via ferrata park with options for everyone in the Montafon Valley; several large indoor climbing gyms; and opportunities for guided alpine climbing. There are more than 30 designated climbing areas across 1,000 square miles, so plan to stay as long as you want—you won't have to climb the same thing twice.

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