The 15 Best Christmas Towns in the US

By: BRITTANY ANAS | Pulished on 2023-12-06

Leavenworth, Washington

The 15 Best Christmas Towns in the US-Trip Advise

With the Cascade Mountains as a backdrop and Bavarian buildings dripping with lights, Leavenworth is a winter wonderland. The holidays are such a big deal here that the city puts out its own Christmas song, performed live at the Festhalle. The community center also has a gingerbread house exhibition and is a place where kids can learn how to make Lebkuchenherzen necklaces that have gingerbread heart pendants. Meanwhile, the gazebo in the heart of town hosts live entertainment with choirs and carolers, and the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum is stocked with more than 9,000 nutcrackers from 50 different countries.

North Pole, Alaska

The 15 Best Christmas Towns in the US-Trip Advise

A development company in 1944 gave the small city its festive name because it was hoping to draw a toy manufacturer to the area that could advertise products being made at Alaska’s North Pole. While that never happened, North Pole is home to the Santa Claus House, which sells ornaments, decor, and toys. You know you’ve arrived when you see the 42-foot-tall Santa statue greeting you from the highway. Inside, the walls are covered with “Dear Santa” letters from children worldwide. North Pole (which boasts themed street names like Mistletoe Lane and Kris Kringle Drive) is just about 15 minutes from Fairbanks.

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