How to Plan A Perfect Trip to Amsterdam

By: Lindsay Cohn and Evie Carrick | Pulished on 2023-11-30

 Canal Cruise

How to Plan A Perfect Trip to Amsterdam-Trip AdvisePHOTO:LASZLO SZIRTESI/GETTY IMAGES


No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a canal cruise. It’s truly the best way to see “Venice of the North.” You can purchase a ticket with Flagship Amsterdam, operator of the highly regarded Amsterdam Open Boat Canal Cruise, or opt for something a bit more intimate and romantic like a private vessel operated by the Pulitzer Amsterdam.

Best Shopping

The Otherist

How to Plan A Perfect Trip to Amsterdam-Trip AdvisePHOTO:COURTESY OF THE OTHERIST


A quirky shop that advertises its wares as “modern curiosities and vintage finds,” The Otherist has built a business on oddities. Peruse the shelves of framed butterflies, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and porcelain skulls. You’re bound to stumble upon something totally unique.

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