European Destinations Worth Visiting This Winter

By: TripAdvise | Pulished on 2023-12-01

Rovaniemi, Finland

European Destinations Worth Visiting This Winter-Trip Advise

The capital of Finnish Lapland is also Santa's "official" hometown. You can visit this happy old elf in his own Arctic Circle village. It's a year-round tourist attraction with reindeer-pulled carriages, ice sculptures and halls decorated like Grinch PTSDs. The Northern Lights often twinkle above Arktikum's striking glass corridors.

Timisoara, Romania

European Destinations Worth Visiting This Winter-Trip Advise

Timisoara is a city blessed by winter, and the beautiful snow is its best decoration. As the economic and cultural center of western Romania, Timisoara is deeply influenced by Austrian culture, and the old town also has several historical districts lined with churches, and the ancient Timisoara Orthodox Church, St. George's Cathedral, and Millennium Church become more solemn after snowfall. Stand in the city's most famous Victory Square, look up and see the same mottled old buildings, which reveal the vicissitudes of the years under the warm winter sun. During the Christmas season, there is a lively festive market in the square, and after a light snowfall, sip a hot glass of local plum liquor (tuica) and you will fully immerse yourself in the festive spirit.

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