Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild

By: Erica Wagner | Pulished on 2023-12-25

Just Got Out of Shawshank

You know and we know that there are some memorable outfits to be found on the shoppers at Walmart, but this one just seems ridiculous. This lady for real dressed in a matching top and pants that have horizontal black and white stripes, and even added a matching cap.


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise



In fact, we're pretty sure that there's some kind of name tag or something on the front that looks like a prisoner's number. We're going to go with the idea that this lady is on her way to a Halloween party and wanted to pick up some snacks. And you know what? She kinda rocks it.

Shopping in Comfort

Did you know that if you shop online, no one will ever know what you're wearing? People who like to frequent Walmart, for some reason, have forgotten this. Not that this person looks like he or she (it's a little hard to tell) is suffering from their clothing choices.


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise



In fact, it seems like the kind of outfit you wear when you want maximum comfort. A pair of soft slippers, some classic gray sweatpants, and a long, fuzzy housecoat is a great outfit if you are relaxing on the couch, but maybe not for browsing shirts at the store.

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