Top 10 Attractions in Eindhoven, Each Worth A Visit

By: TripAdvise | Pulished on 2023-12-11

Philips Museum

Top 10 Attractions in Eindhoven, Each Worth A Visit-Trip Advise

The Van Abbemuseum (Philips Museum) is a modern art museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, founded in 1936. The museum focuses on the collection and display of 20th century art, especially modernism and contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, photography, video and other art forms. In the collection, Western modern art, represented by German Expressionism, Dutch Bollingism, Belgian Kublot Group, Russian constructivism, German anti-art, and Dutch postwar art, occupies a large proportion. The museum is also actively collecting and displaying work around the world, holding many international exhibitions, and cooperating with major art galleries and museums, constantly expanding its collection field and international influence.

UFO building

Top 10 Attractions in Eindhoven, Each Worth A Visit-Trip Advise

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) is a large multimedia archive and museum on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and one of the largest audio-visual repositories in Europe. The building is unique in shape, like a space ship, so it is called the flying saucer building. It was designed by Dutch architects Jan Peter Wingender and Erick van Egeraat and was built in 2006. The building consists of a cylindrical building 140 meters long and 45 meters wide and a rectangular building 43 meters high and 60 meters wide. The cylindrical building is encased in a glass curtain wall that allows views of the colored glass panels and light inside. The facade of the cuboid building uses glass tiles of different colors, reflecting the colors of different media types. The building has a large multimedia collection of films, television, radio programs, music and other items, as well as the history and culture of Dutch radio and television

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