The Top 14 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe

By: SUZIE DUNDAS | Pulished on 2023-12-04

Valais, Switzerland

The Top 14 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe-Trip Advise

Valais is one of the largest cantons (akin to a state) in Switzerland and is perhaps best known for being home to famous bucket-list destinations like Zermatt and the Matterhorn. But to climbers, it's most famous for its rugged rock faces and slabs; it is in the middle of the Alps, after all. Because this is such a massively popular tourist destination, you can choose among via ferrata, bouldering, top roping, trad climbing, climbing classes, private guides, and much more. It's also a great place to give mountaineering a try, which blends climbing, scrambling, and snow/ride climbing. Zermatters offers a variety of summer classes and guiding services.

Tenerife, Spain

The Top 14 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe-Trip Advise

Climbers ready to take their first rock-climbing-specific trip may want to consider Tenerife. It's a destination known for pleasant weather, easy access to routes, and a fantastic variety of routes, including many options for beginners. Tenerife has no shortage of places to rent your climbing gear and get instruction, including Tenerife Climbing House and El Ocho Climbing School. Arico is the most famous climbing spot on the island, though you can also climb on a dormant volcano in Teide National Park.

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