Smart Hacks To Survive Long-Haul Flights

By: Zuleka Pukwana | Pulished on 2023-12-25

Get Two Trips for the Price of One!

When it comes to traveling, many of us are trying to get the most bang for our buck. One clever way to maximize your travel experience is by booking a ticket with a long layover in another city.


Smart Hacks To Survive Long-Haul Flights-Trip Advise



Depending on the hours of the layover, you may be able to leave the airport and tour an entirely different city and possibly even stay overnight before reporting back to the airport. Just keep in mind the distance between the airport and your city, and leave enough time for security and other pre-boarding procedures.

Double-Bag and Tape Toiletries

Known as the “mystery leak,” many people open their luggage only to find that their clothes and other belongings are soaked with some strange liquid. The culprit? Usually, a bottle of shampoo or other toiletries exploded or leaks during travel.


Smart Hacks To Survive Long-Haul Flights-Trip Advise


Between changes in air pressure and overly rough baggage handlers, the possibilities of a cap unscrewing or bottle breaking are great. Using tape to seal caps and then wrapping those taped-up bottles in large waterproof plastic bags will ensure that your suitcase stays dry and your shampoo lives to see another day.

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