Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild

By: Erica Wagner | Pulished on 2023-12-25

It's Kinda Hot Out

Kids tend to not like clothes, even if it's cold out. They will shuck their shirts and shorts at a moment's notice if nobody is paying attention to them. Still, you should probably make sure your kids are wearing the right garb for a trip to Walmart, even if you're just playing the games a little bit.


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise



This picture shows us a pair of kids that can not be bothered to even wear pants while they are out with Mom. Of course, the kids will be pumped full of hot shame when they see the pictures after they have grown up.

Whatchu Lookin' at?

One of the nice things about Walmart is there's a ton of stuff there. This means that you can find new products you might want or try out some stuff to see if it works for you. Like a dinosaur costume that's meant for a toddler.


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise



Even if it's meant for a toddler, that doesn't mean that a little gal like this one can't squeeze her way in. She doesn't look all that thrilled with the idea of someone taking her picture while she's wearing this, but that could be because she doesn't want anyone to see her like this.

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