The Top 14 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe

By: SUZIE DUNDAS | Pulished on 2023-12-04

Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Top 14 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe-Trip Advise

For how remote the Lofoten Islands are, they attract a lot of climbers which shows just how great the climbing is. The flight from Oslo takes several hours but when you're there, you have access to an outdoor paradise with climbing routes across stunning towers and massive granite walls. You'll find more than 1,500 multi-pitch, trad, and sport routes across the islands. The most well-known climb here is Svolvaergeita, a stunning rock pillar which, despite how it intimidating it looks, has routes for advanced and beginner climbers alike.

Corsica, France

The Top 14 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe-Trip Advise

Head to Corsica if you want a variety of climbing styles and rock types in one easy-to-navigate location. Off the coast of Rome (though it's part of France), Corsica offers rock climbing and bouldering in several areas around the island. While most of the routes are best-suited to experienced climbers, there are enough routes for beginners to fill a day. Corsica is especially known for its tafoni formations in the granite rock. Climbers love the swiss-cheese-esque formations as they make excellent natural holds on challenging overhangs and bouldering routes.

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