Partners of Famous LGBTQ Entertainer

By: Jennnifer Dugena | Pulished on 2023-12-26

Annie Clark & Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne was ushered into the world of fashion modeling and inadvertently onto everyone’s faces when she became the industry’s it girl. However, she decided to pursue a different career path far from the catwalk. She once declared that she always wanted to be famous and the center of attention. She may further fulfill that dream now that she is also acting.


Partners of Famous LGBTQ Entertainer-Trip Advise

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Relationship-wise, she has dated Annie Clark, a musician who also goes by the name St. Vincent. When their relationship became public, everyone in social media almost got into a frenzy. Fortunately, their excitement eventually died down, sadly, the reason for it was due to Delevingne calling it quits with Clark in 2016.

Vito Cammisano & Michael Sam

Not many people are witness to an NFL player’s emotional outburst when it came to the goings-on of their heart. But Michael Sam did not care what everyone else was thinking when he kissed Vito Cammisano, his boyfriend, on live TV. Apparently, Sam was so happy to be drafted to the NFL he couldn’t contain his feelings.


Partners of Famous LGBTQ Entertainer-Trip Advise

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Cammisano is an alumni of the University of Missouri. The two have been dating for months when they decided to publicly announce their love for each other by being engaged on January 2015. Sadly, five months later, the couple put their relationship to an end.

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