8 Little-known Winter Destinations in North America

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4.Sedona, Arizona

December & January weather: 1-15ºC

When you hear Arizona, is your first reaction to dry and hot? Sedona is a winter treasure destination in Arizona! The average winter temperature here is about 14 degrees, which is very comfortable and pleasant, and the red rock landscape can be seen everywhere, which is very visually impactful for us who have lived in the city for a long time!

8 Little-known Winter Destinations in North America-Trip Advise

It is famous as a spiritual healing sanctuary, and legend has it that there are multiple magnetic field vortexes (vortexes) in the area, hiding "mysterious powers", which are very suitable for healing, meditation, and self-exploration, and you can also find psychic mediums to count for you, the strongest points are Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock

8 Little-known Winter Destinations in North America-Trip Advise

The must-see spot is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a modern style church completed in 1957, located in downtown Sedona, which can be said to have a rather peculiar appearance, once again refreshing the understanding of the architectural style of the church!


For hiking to gain insight into the area's red rock landscape, Devil's Bridge Trail is recommended. This hike is low in difficulty and can be held by children, but the journey is relatively long, 7.1 kilometers round trip, about 3 hours, but the scenery is definitely worth seeing!

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