10 Most Beautiful Towns in Switzerland

By: TripAdvise | Pulished on 2023-12-12

Leukerbad, a spa town nestled in the mountains

10 Most Beautiful Towns in Switzerland-Trip Advise

Leukerbad is famous for its hot springs, but it's not just hot springs. The unique style of a European town, with candy-like colors, flowers all the way, and art all the way. In summer, walk among the flowers in the mountains, and the fragrance of flowers is wet. In the blink of an eye, you can soak in the steaming hot spring baths in the open air, look up at the majestic Matterhorn, and the white snow-capped mountains are endless, and heal your body and mind in the oldest hot spring health resort.

St. Moritz, the mysterious town of Hibiscus in Clear Water

10 Most Beautiful Towns in Switzerland-Trip Advise

Surrounded by beautiful forests, lakes and the peaks of the Berenne Alps, St. Moritz is famous for its "refreshing and frothy champagne aroma". The verdant green pines, the dotted lakes, and the clear blue sky all shine on this beautiful land. One of the world's most stunning alpine resorts is home to spectacular natural scenery and unusually bright sunshine. The best of all belongs to this mysterious mountain town.

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