10 Best Warm Places to Travel to This Winter

By: Stacey Leasca | Pulished on 2024-01-03


10 Best Warm Places to Travel to This Winter-Trip AdviseMARTIN HARVEY/GETTY IMAGES


If you're seeking an African safari this winter without the crowds of a classic destination like Kenya, try the less-traveled terrain of Namibia. This nation on Africa's southwest coast offers seclusion, otherworldly landscapes, and near-guaranteed warm weather. It's also the perfect place to see animals like lions, elephants, leopards, and rhinos in their natural environment. There are several outfitters in the area, but Natural Selection is top-notch. It has numerous camps to choose from, including the famed Shipwreck Lodge on the Skeleton Coast.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

10 Best Warm Places to Travel to This Winter-Trip AdviseTAYLOR MCINTYRE/TRAVEL + LEISURE


If you want to mix some time under the sun with some cultural enrichment, look no further than San Juan. The capital of Puerto Rico has long stretches of white-sand beaches, plus historical attractions like the Castillo San Felipe del Morro. Visitors will also find lots of delicious spots to eat (make reservations at Cocina Abierta). In San Juan, it's best to go boutique, so check into the O:LV Fifty Five hotel, which features a rooftop bar and pool offering the best views in town.

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