10 Airports With Scenic Attractions

By: BENET WILSON | Pulished on 2024-01-15

JFK Airport, New York

10 Airports With Scenic Attractions-Trip AdviseGensler


As if New York-based JetBlue’s flagship Terminal 5 wasn’t hip enough, the carrier opened a rooftop deck in 2015. The 4,046-square-foot post-security rooftop includes landscaped green spaces, seating for 50 people, a 400-square-foot children’s play area and a 400-square-foot dog-walk area. It also offers amazing views of both the Manhattan skyline and the historic TWA Terminal. The space also features free Wi-Fi and three food and beverage carts for a meal or quick snack.

Long Beach Airport, California

10 Airports With Scenic Attractions-Trip AdviseLong Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau


After passing through security at California's Long Beach Airport, passengers have access to nearly 22,000 square feet of outdoor space with canopied seating areas. You'll enjoy the terminal’s local eateries and can dine outside on wood benches and watch the planes fly in and out. There’s even a patio where travelers can grab a glass of wine or food near a fire pit and enjoy the landscaping that has palm trees and water-friendly native drought-tolerant plants.


In a new renovation plan due to be completed in 2021, the airport will be adding a "meet and greet outdoor courtyard" so that visitors can enjoy fresh air with passengers outside the secure areas.

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