Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild

By: Erica Wagner | Pulished on 2023-12-25

The Truth Is Revealed

Elvis has not been with us for quite a while now, but a lot of people seem to think he is still out there – he is just hiding. Every once in a while there is a tabloid that says the King of Rock n' Roll was spotted working at a pizza place in Lindsborg, Kansas.


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise



To us, however, it makes perfect sense that he would be spotted at a Walmart. Chintzy, kinda schmaltzy, and fallen out of touch? Sounds just like Elvis the last time he was spotted. Now, are we talking about Walmart or Elvis? Whatever the case, he is still in this building.

Getting Out Will Be a Lot Harder

Shopping carts in big department stores are built to hold one or two kids in the front compartment. They're the perfect space for toddlers or infants, but even some smaller adults might find that they can fit themselves in. That's where this picture comes from.


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise



However, it's going to be a heck of a lot more difficult getting that gal out of the chair than it was getting in, and we bet that wasn't exactly a picnic, either. It doesn't look comfortable sitting in it, either. Really, the entire operation looks like a bad idea from a comfort standpoint, even if the picture is fun.

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