Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild

By: Erica Wagner | Pulished on 2023-12-25

The Bad Element

This guy is officially the winner of our list. This is the most hilarious, and appalling, rendition of "The Fifth Element" we've ever seen. Who said you need more than a mop, dad briefs, and some duct tape to look like Leeloo? But then we thought of something else.


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise


Maybe this guy invented a completely knew superhero. He's call Mop Man, and his superpower is that he can clean anything in an instant. Pretty neat, right? We don't know what kind of Halloween party this guy or his blue alien friend were coming from, but we'd love to meet them.

Who's the Quack?

What are you supposed to do when you can't find a babysitter for your pet duck? You take him with you to Walmart, obviously. That duck seems incredibly concerned with that woman's choice of cheese. We can just hear him saying, "I told you I don't like that brand, lady."


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise


Walmart has become increasingly better at catering to the widest audience of customers imaginable. So much so, that they are even reaching out now to members of the aviary community. That's right - even ducks like to shop at this superstore from time to time. Not too sure why he needs to be on a leash though - seems pretty chill to us.

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