The 15 Best Destinations to Visit in Paraguay

By: CHRISTINE GILBERT | Pulished on 2024-01-02

Pro Cosara

The 15 Best Destinations to Visit in Paraguay-Trip AdviseCourtesy of Pro Cosara


986P+P47, Jovere 072509, Paraguay
PHONE +595 71 720 300


On the edge of the San Rafael Nature Reserve, conservationists at Pro Cosara count howler monkeys and clandestine cannabis farmers among their neighbors. A nonprofit organization founded to protect one of the last remaining swaths of Atlantic Forest in the country, Pro Cosara hosts scientific research groups, volunteers, and curious guests wanting to hike through the famed forests. Simply stay and enjoy the remote location, home to birds, a few hiking trails, a citrus grove, and friendly dogs. Or, volunteer with the organization to learn more about the challenges facing the forest's survival.

Cerro Lagoon

The 15 Best Destinations to Visit in Paraguay-Trip AdviseLuis Vera / Getty Images


Only appearing every third or fourth summer, these massive lily pads float atop Cerro Lagoon in Piquete Cue and measure five to eight feet in diameter. Tourists pose for pics on the dock, or hire canoes to get up close to the plants, which are reminiscent of giant belly-up frisbees. Called Yacare Yrupe (caiman’s basket) in Guarani, the name refers to the rough skin of the plant. Though formerly listed as endangered, the lily pads have regenerated and multiplied in force recently, after conservation efforts successfully counteracted years of dredging, looting by tourists, and rogue tea makers.

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