9 Destinations Worth Visiting in Washington

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University of Washington

9 Destinations Worth Visiting in Washington-Trip Advise

The University of Washington, Seattle is a public research university located in Seattle, Washington, in the Northwest Territories of the United States, founded in 1861 and is the oldest and largest public university in Washington State. The University of Washington is one of the top public universities in the United States, ranking high in various national rankings, and has an important influence and position in the fields of engineering, business, medicine, and computer science. The University of Washington also has a strong global reputation for its research achievements in engineering, medicine, computer science, social sciences, and other fields, and its alumni can be found in all walks of life, including Nobel laureates, politicians, business leaders, and academic celebrities.

Chihuly Glass Art Garden

9 Destinations Worth Visiting in Washington-Trip Advise

Chihuly Garden and Glass is an art museum located in Seattle, Washington, United States, that mainly exhibits glass art and works by famous artist Dale Chihuly. Opened in 2012, the art museum covers 1.5 acres and includes 8 pavilions and an outdoor garden. In the indoor pavilion, visitors can admire Chihuly's large-scale glass sculptures, chandeliers, vases, bowls and wall hangings, while also learning about his artistic process and techniques. The outdoor garden showcases Chihuly's outdoor installations, such as giant flowers, crystal towers, and colorful frosted glass balls. At night, the artworks are also illuminated by lights to create different visual effects. The Chihuly Glass Art Park is regarded as one of Seattle's important tourist attractions, attracting a large number of visitors to see Chihuly's creations.

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