8 Air Travel Rights You Didn’t Know You Have

By: BENET WILSON | Pulished on 2024-01-15

Ticket Changes or Cancellations

8 Air Travel Rights You Didn’t Know You Have-Trip AdviseHinterhaus Productions / Getty Images


You’ve found what looks to be a great fare and purchased your ticket. The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations allow travelers who have booked a flight at least seven days in advance to make changes or even cancel the reservations within 24 hours without being hit with a high cancellation fee. Or if an airline refuses to carry a passenger for any reason, they can apply for a refund, even if they bought a nonrefundable ticket.

Flight Changed by Airliine

8 Air Travel Rights You Didn’t Know You Have-Trip AdviseRichard Wareham / Getty Images


Airlines sometimes have scheduled flight changes or aircraft changes that force them to re-accommodate travelers on a different flight. If the change does not work, travelers have the right to propose a schedule that works better for them. It’s better to call the airline directly to make the change. Let them know you’re calling about a flight change so you’re not charged to speak with an agent. If the change is significant (like a major time change, a longer layover, or even an overnight stay), you can request a refund.

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