10 Annoying Things You’re Doing At A Bar, According to Bartenders

By: Christina Liao | Pulished on 2023-12-15

Touching the Garnishes

10 Annoying Things You’re Doing At A Bar, According to Bartenders-Trip Advise
To put it simply, garnish stations are not buffets. Tremblay reminds us that “bartenders clean their hands hundreds of times per night while washing their tools and making sure [their] spaces are sanitary. Having people stick their hands in our garnish means we have to throw away the whole lot.” It all comes down to common courtesy: “If you absolutely must have an olive or a slice of fruit, please ask.”

Diminishing the Job

When you’re having a casual conversation, some seemingly innocent questions can actually be rather insensitive. Sam Lee, principal bartender at Yvonne’s, says that inquiries along the lines of “What is your plan after you’ve finished bartending?” or “Did you go to school?” can be demoralizing and come off as insulting. “As an individual [in the service] industry, I’ve made a career out of my profession and have poured countless hours into education, accreditation, and mastering the craft of hospitality,” Lee adds. To assume that bartenders are in the business temporarily before they move on to some other great passion is not only presumptuous, but unfair.

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