10 Airlines That Offer Stopover Programs

By: BENET WILSON | Pulished on 2024-01-15


10 Airlines That Offer Stopover Programs-Trip AdviseHenglein And Steets/Getty Images


The airline has several options who want to do a stopover in its home base of Abu Dhabi on their way to nearly 100 of the destinations it serves. Travelers with between six and 12 hours to kill can pay $40 and either play nine holes of golf or enjoy a day at the pool at the Yas Links Golf Course. Under Etihad’s two-for-one deal, travelers who choose to stay two nights in Abu Dhabi can get one night for free at hotels ranging from three to five stars. The airline can also arrange sightseeing tours.


10 Airlines That Offer Stopover Programs-Trip AdviseLauri Rotko/Getty Images


Helsinki Airport, home to Finland’s flag carrier, is also known as one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to traveling through Europe and beyond. The airport touts itself as “the shortest and smoothest way to travel between Europe and Asia.” With a single terminal, transfer times are among the shortest in Europe. The airport is known for offering a great passenger experience, with services including a free comfortable traveler’s lounge, an art gallery, a book swap and an outdoor terrace. And Finnair wants to entice travelers to book a stopover — either coming in or going out — where stays can range from five hours to five days. Once the flight is booked, go over to the Finland Tours website, where you can sign up for pre-arranged tours or create your own, with prices ranging from $86 to $2058.

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