51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now

By: Larysa Perih and Violeta Lyskoit | Pulished on 2024-01-09

#47 France

51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now-Trip Advise

In this idyllic European country, there aren't many things to criticize. For years, French joie de vivre ("joy of living") has been immortalized in innumerable books, films, and fabled paintings. You may experience it while passing by its numerous restaurants and towns and indulging in its renowned cuisine. Traveling in France is relatively safe. But given that this country has frequently been targeted by terrorists and there is a higher risk of pickpockets and con artists, you should always be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

#48 Slovakia

51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now-Trip Advise

Outdoor lovers are the ones who are most drawn to Slovakia. Located in the northern part of Slovakia, the High Tatras are ideal for trekking or winter activities. Then there are charming churches in the country's east, close to the friendly city of Košice. A trip to Slovakia is generally very safe. Pickpockets are the main safety issue you'll face when traveling there. Still, always keep your wits about you, and watch for danger.

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