Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild

By: Erica Wagner | Pulished on 2023-12-25

The Leopard Print Dungeon Master

It looks like this guy was on his way to some sort of 'Dungeons & Dragons' comic-con event. Or maybe he just felt like dressing up for his Walmart shopping that day. However, you have to give credit to this guy for the hilarious fashion mix-up he has going on.


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise


From the upper half of his body, he looks like a dungeon master, complete with chains and what seems to be wooden doll arms attached to his arm (better not ask why). But if you were to look at the lower half of his body, you'd think this guy was aiming at a makeshift costume from 'Cats' - complete with a sexy leopard print skirt and high, black leather boots.

Be Yourself, Even at Walmart

We don't know if this grandpa mistakenly went through his wife's closet and was so distracted he just wore one of her dresses and went out. Or, most likely, this is how this man chooses to dress, and it's important he feels comfortable, even for a small trip to Walmart! And we fully support it!


Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild-Trip Advise



The hilarious thing about this pic is the guy wearing a cap. We can't figure out why he's in such shock. Because somebody actually snapped a picture of this old man? Or because of his utter surprise at seeing an older man in a dress at Walmart?

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