Partners of Famous LGBTQ Entertainer

By: Jennnifer Dugena | Pulished on 2023-12-26

Anton Gutierrez & Bob Harper

Fans of the reality series The Biggest Loser know the famous trainer Bob Harper. Harper had worked hard to keep his orientation under wraps, but in 2014, the famous trainer came forward with the truth.  His public outing was prompted by a contestant who was having difficulty coming out to his family.


Partners of Famous LGBTQ Entertainer-Trip Advise

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All ended well and the episode helped the contestant and Harper reveal their true selves to the public. Just a year later, Harper met the love of his life, set decorator, Anton Gutierrez. The two tied the knot and have been happy and living a great life together ever since.

Kirven Douthit-Boyd & Antonio Douthit-Boyd

This list will never run out of couples whose shared passions caused them to stay together, happily ever after. Antonio Douthit-Boyd, as well as Kirven Douthit, are dancers who have an interest to move their bodies to the beat of the music.


Partners of Famous LGBTQ Entertainer-Trip Advise

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Their love for dance was evident when they met at the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. Since then, the two decided to make their union more solid by tying the knot. Now, they do not tire traveling the world to dance their hearts away. They also work together at COCA - The Center of Creative Arts, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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