Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport

By: Alissa Laderer Castleton | Pulished on 2023-12-25


Traveling is totally exhausting, especially when the lines at the airport seem to never end. We never thought of this travel hack, though! Take some time to nap while you wait - you will certainly have enough time to get a power nap in!


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise

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Checking in at the airport can be a painstakingly slow process.  There are security questions to be asked, bags to be checked, and sometimes there are even those special passengers who decide to rearrange their luggage at the last minute to redistribute a couple of pounds. This process can really go on for quite a while, so if you want to get a quick cat nap in there, it's a good time to do so.


Okay, sushi suitcases are not something we’ve seen before, but we can probably guess which part of the world this airport is in. We totally want to invest in one of this sushi luggage to snazz up our suitcase game. Something tells us this type of gag suitcase would not be easy to steal, that’s for sure!


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise



Hopefully, for their sake, these hungry penguins got all the food cleared to make the trip.

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