The 14 Best Hiking Destinations in Asia

By: JESSICA ESA | Pulished on 2023-12-05

Mount Qixing, Taiwan

The 14 Best Hiking Destinations in Asia-Trip Advise

Mount Qixing, also known as Seven Star Mountain, is a dormant volcano found in Yakushima National Park in Taiwan and easily accessed by bus from Taipei. It is the highest mountain in Taiwan and makes for one of the most popular trails due to the magnificent view of the park and the city of Taipei from the top. Taking around four hours and suitable for average fitness, this hike takes you through the forest and lush meadow and is scenic from start to end. It begins at the Miaopu Trailhead near the Visitor Center and takes around a half-day of walking; the hike is steep but suitable for anyone with average fitness.

Mount Fuji, Japan

The 14 Best Hiking Destinations in Asia-Trip Advise

The iconic Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest peak,  is, in fact, an active stratovolcano (last erupting in 1707) with three volcanoes on top of each other: the Komitake volcano, the Kofuji volcano, then Fuji at the top. This makes for a dynamic climb with four trails available, depending on how much of a challenge you’re up for and the opportunity to slide down the volcanic rocks on your descent. The most popular trail is the Yoshida Trail which offers a six-hour ascent up Fuji with easy access to mountain cabins for anyone hoping to stay overnight and catch the infamous sunrise. Fuji can only be ascended during the climbing period, which lasts from July through September and is considered too dangerous to hike outside of these times. The trail is well connected from surrounding cities such as Tokyo, with trains taking you directly to Fuji Subaru Line 5th station.

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