Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport

By: Alissa Laderer Castleton | Pulished on 2023-12-25


The airport is a great place for companies to spend some serious advertising dollars. With travelers coming and going all day and all night, advertisers are able to reach more people than they could imagine!


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise



Mini Cooper has really taken advantage of airport advertising. They launched a really unique advertising campaign at multiple airports. They made a billboard which makes it looks like the baggage claim belt is delivering the luggage right into the trunk of the car.  How innovative! It makes me want to buy a Mini Cooper and test out if that trunk space really can hold thousands of people’s luggage!


This silly airport goer is seen here planking on an escalator, what an original idea! Just think how bored he must have been to have taken on this plank challenge on a dirty old airport escalator.  How long do you think he did this for before he decided he had his fill of fun for the day? What made him think that this was the best use of his time here? So many questions. Would you have joined in and planked next to him?


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise

Pinterest.com/The Dead Photos


This photo also begs the question of the infamous game: is this person dead or dead asleep? We will touch upon that airport game classic later. Stay tuned for more!

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