51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now

By: Larysa Perih and Violeta Lyskoit | Pulished on 2024-01-09

#35 Austria

51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now-Trip Advise

Austria has some of the most breathtaking scenery, including vibrant forests, crystal-clear waters, and mesmerizing snow-capped mountains. Austria’s robbery, carjacking, and assault rates are among the lowest in the industrialized world. Violent crimes are rare, so it’s considered one of the safest travel destinations for solo travelers. Even though pickpockets are uncommon, they do exist, so be cautious in crowded areas.

#36 Singapore

51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now-Trip Advise

Singapore, one of the cleanest countries in Southeast Asia and a popular holiday destination for Westerners, is a very safe place to visit with little risk to travelers. There aren’t many “bad neighborhoods” here. Hence women and solitary visitors will likely feel secure exploring the country at any time of the day, night even! Part of Singapore’s overall safety can be attributed to its strict laws. And although it might be the safest country in Asia to travel to, there are risks there, too. The most common crime is petty theft, so exercise common sense and always keep your valuables close to hand.

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