51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now

By: Larysa Perih and Violeta Lyskoit | Pulished on 2024-01-09

#33 Montenegro

51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now-Trip Advise

Since many of Montenegro's natural areas offer canyoning, ziplining, and rafting, intrepid adventurers are right at home here. Montenegro is considered a safe country to visit, primarily because of its developed tourism sector. While organized crime does exist, tourists are rarely impacted. Only in tourist areas should you, as a traveler, be concerned about pickpockets. Other than that, Montenegrins are incredibly hospitable and friendly.

#34 Spain

51 Safest Places To Travel Right Now-Trip Advise

Spain is a fantastic choice if you're seeking a trip full of enjoyment. Generally, Spaniards are very kind people who support one another and their community. Also, they surely know how to dance and love having a good time! However, be cautious while visiting major cities like Barcelona, as pickpockets are prevalent in some locations. Other than that, tourists shouldn't run into any other issues.

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