Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport

By: Alissa Laderer Castleton | Pulished on 2023-12-25


This baggage claim in Japan resembles a fancy restaurant, but do not be fooled. These travelers made their suitcases extra unique by getting covers that look like sushi rolls.


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise



Sounds like a smart move. How many times have you grabbed a piece of luggage only to realize it is not yours?! People tie ribbons and put stickers on their bag to differentiate them, but this seems like way more fun.  These would also make a cool gift, don’t you think?


Who is going to claim this piece of lost luggage? Miss Philippines was looking absolutely stunning helping out with the lost luggage at an airport in France.


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise



She was happily there greeting travelers at the airport’s lost baggage claim, to help people find pieces that had been lost in transit. We think this is a genius move to help ornery travelers from getting upset that their luggage is missing!

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