Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport

By: Alissa Laderer Castleton | Pulished on 2023-12-25


The Durian is a unique and exotic fruit that smells awful. In airports all over the world, the exotic Durian is actually illegal to bring on to your flight, since the odor would be extremely unpleasant in a small space.


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise



Do not feel bad for the stinky Durian though, in some places you cannot bring fruit or produce of any kind on your flight when leaving certain destinations. We have to admit, we are interested to try this little guy. Just not in a confined airplane, don’t worry.


These parents have come up with a genius idea, and have completely changed traveling with kids. This is a brilliant idea for when your kid is too tired to move, and even better, it will even prevent them from getting lost. All aboard.


Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport-Trip Advise

Youtube.com/Светлана Кадыргалиева


We sure wouldn’t mind being wheeled around like that, does that mean that we need to start having a tantrum? I mean come on, would you want to carry this kid all over the airport? While airport exercise is crucial, carrying such a heavy load would be a lot to handle.

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