Partners of Famous LGBTQ Entertainer

By: Jennnifer Dugena | Pulished on 2023-12-26

Brad Altman & George Takei

George Takei, despite being already 80 years old – and despite no longer involved in the Star Trek franchise – is still best remembered as his character Hikaru Sulu. Plus there is no stopping his more than 10 million followers from continually growing.


Partners of Famous LGBTQ Entertainer-Trip Advise

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It was only in 2008 when he publicly announced his sexuality by claiming he was in a relationship with actor and writer Brad Altman. Plus, little did anyone know that the two have been together for 18 years. The couple appeared in The Newlywed Game TV show a year later where they won $10,000 for their chosen charity, the Japanese American National Museum.

Beth Ditto & Kristin Ogata

No one can stop love from happening. It's just a natural reflex that can happen any given time. Not even Cupid or the courts can halt two people from falling in love. Beth Ditto and her partner Kristin Ogata showed to the world how true this statement is by tying the knot in Hawaii via a wedding ceremony, that was unofficial.


Partners of Famous LGBTQ Entertainer-Trip Advise

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It was truly incredible, romantic occasion for everyone involved. Love was enough to keep them together apparently. However, after 17 months, they decided to go to Oregon to formally acknowledge their union thanks to the same-sex laws in the state.

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