How to Plan A Perfect Trip to Amsterdam

By: Lindsay Cohn and Evie Carrick | Pulished on 2023-11-30

If walls, err cobblestones, could talk, De Wallen would have tales to tell. Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District entices travelers with the promise of peep shows, sex shops, cannabis cafes, and nightclubs.


How to Get Around

Forget about renting a car, Totengco says, “Walking is honestly the best way to get around the city.” If you prefer to do as the locals do, download ‎the Donkey Republic app to rent a bike or pop into a local rental shop.


If you have mobility challenges or visited Amsterdam during a bout of poor weather, she said, “the tram system is also efficient and easy to navigate.” If you’re planning to take public transportation and want to see all the major sites (including a canal cruise), Totengco recommends buying the I Amsterdam City Card which includes unlimited use of the city’s public transport (GVB), bike rental, a canal cruise, and over 70 museums, including the Rijksmuseum.


Trams: Amsterdam’s iconic blue-and-white trams remain a reliable and economical way to get around the city center (3.40 Euros an hour or 9 Euros a day). Most lines convene at Amsterdam Central Station, the city’s main transportation hub.


Buses: The bus system is quite extensive and efficient with over 40 lines. Catching a flight? Hop aboard the airport shuttle, which runs between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the city center every 15 minutes. Planning an evening out on the town? Whereas the trams and metros operate between 6 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., night buses come in clutch for after-dark transport needs.


Metros: The metro system comprises five routes and serves 39 stations, making it best for accessing the outlying suburbs.


Ferries: Like trams, buses, and metros, Amsterdam’s ferries are also operated by GVB. Connections across the Noordzeekanaal (North Sea Canal) are under 2 Euros, while boats crossing the IJ River are free of charge for pedestrians, cyclists, and moped riders.


Rideshare: If you’re sticking to Amsterdam’s Centrum, driving isn’t really necessary. However, it’s easy to hail an Uber to take you to some of the outer boroughs.

Trains: The Netherlands has an impressive national railway network. For day trips to the countryside and neighboring cities, trains from Amsterdam Central Station are a convenient and easy-to-navigate option.

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