How to Hail A Taxi Around the World

By: Melissa Locker | Pulished on 2023-12-15

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How to Hail A Taxi Around the World-Trip Advise
Amsterdam’s airport website reports that cabs will take travelers to any major Dutch city for a fixed rate. If you’re heading to Amsterdam’s city center, grab an official cab at the stand outside the airport (recognizable by their roof lights and blue license plates). The ride will cost a fixed rate of 39 Euro, although there may be additional fees for luggage, late-night driving, or traveling on public holiday. In the city, according to Amsterdam’s website, there’s an art to hailing a Dutch cab. Due to heavy bicycle and foot traffic, taxis cannot stop just anywhere. Flag away, but you may need to walk to where a cab can pull over safely. Alternatively, head to Amsterdam's fixed taxi ranks. Once in the cab, make sure the meter is turned on and in use.

Hong Kong, China

How to Hail A Taxi Around the World-Trip Advise
According to Hong Kong’s tourism board, “Taxis are plentiful throughout Hong Kong. They can usually be hailed on the street (except in restricted areas) or summoned by phone. All are metered, relatively cheap, air-conditioned and clean.” Uber is also an easy option for travelers in Hong Kong, especially if you’re trying to head over the harbor, because as T+L’s guide notes, it “can be hard to convince cab drivers to cross the harbor.”

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