13 Unforgettable Beach Destinations in Southeast Asia

By: MICHAEL AQUINO | Pulished on 2023-12-05

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

13 Unforgettable Beach Destinations in Southeast Asia-Trip Advise

Visit Vietnam’s largest island for fun both above and under the water. Phu Quoc Island embraces nature and its potential for adventure, particularly the incredibly diverse aquatic wildlife. Scuba enthusiasts will come face to face with over 900 species of plant life, over 100 species of hard and soft coral and over 60 species of seaweed.


Phu Quoc is just one part of a 22-island archipelago off Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, cheek-by-jowl with Cambodia. The southern part – An Thoi district and its surrounding islands – offer the most authentic local experience, combining cultural encounters (shopping and visiting the local fish sauce makers) with island-hopping (the nearby An Thoi archipelago boasts of some of Vietnam’s most well-preserved reefs).

You can explore Phu Quoc, both north and south, via a boat-hopping tour or on hired motorcycle. Dive operators offer access to the local diving sites: Phu Quoc’s diving season takes place between November and March, coinciding with the most sunny months.


To get here, travelers catch a bus, ferry or plane from Ho Chi Minh City to the island.

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