The 6 Most Popular Islands in Panama

By: KIRSTEN HUBBARD | Pulished on 2024-01-02

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There are hundreds of Panama islands, from the massive Coiba Island to the perfectly tiny Kuna islets. Some are extremely tourist-friendly, like Isla Colón in the Bocas del Toro. Other Panama islands are remote and uninhabited but still packed with biodiversity. Explore the islands of Panama!

Guna Yala/Kuna Yala/San Blas Islands

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The Guna Yala archipelago, formerly known as the Kuna Yala or San Blas archipelago, includes some of the most pristine islands in Central America. There are a total of 378 islands and islets, though only 49 are inhabited. Almost all of the archipelago's residents are Kuna Indians, living in Kuna villages spanning entire islands. Accommodations for travelers are extremely basic throughout Kuna Yala, typically in huts on private isles, with meals consisting of whatever the fishermen bring in. But if you're seeking the definition of idyllic, these Panama islands are it.​

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