15 Museum Etiquette Errors And How to Avoid Making Them

By: Mariah Tyler | Pulished on 2023-12-15

Ever been whistled while admiring a piece of art and immediately embarrassed for getting too close? A whistle or snap of your fingers might be a wake-up call that your museum etiquette isn't as good as you think it is. It's easy to get carried away when visiting a cultural center, but there are reasons why there are guards everywhere in museums, and why rules need to be followed.

Be quiet

15 Museum Etiquette Errors And How to Avoid Making Them-Trip Advise

No, seriously, it ruins the experience for everyone around you. There is nothing worse than finding solitude in the halls of a museum gallery only to be interrupted by intrusive noises of children yelling, or someone going on and on audibly to their friends about topics that quite frankly have no place in a museum space. The galleries and rooms of museums are never the space to use an outside voice, so pipe down or take the conversation/storytelling to the cafe in the lobby.

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